Our vision at Chevron is to be the global energy company most admired for it's people, partnership, and performance. To realize this vision, we want to build relationships based on collaboration and trust, and deliver superior performance in the crude oil marketplace.

Crude Oil Marketing Services for Producers

We understand that the primary focus of an E&P company is finding and producing hydrocarbons. Marketing crude oil production at the lease or export point is not always your first concern. Chevron can provide a competitive market for your crude.

Crude Marketing Services

  • Purchasing: Chevron's large and diverse portfolio allows us to offer multiple pricing mechanisms across many regions. Among the more popular are: Index related pricing.
  • Transportation: With Trading and Scheduling professionals, Chevron stands ready to transport and market your crude oil.
  • Back Office Services: Chevron's business serves as a platform for extending Division Order and Accounting Services to our U.S. producing customers.
  • Market Analysis: Timely and pertinent market analysis supports our operation which markets Upstream crude and supplies a large refinery complex. We can bring this analysis to you.

Why Chevron?

We understand your business. Chevron has been in the business of finding, producing, trading, and refining crude oil for over 125 years.

Our corporate values are explicitly based on integrity and trust. We believe this strengthens long-term relationships and drives superior performance.

Our business model stems from a strong, asset-based Balance Sheet.

We can leverage our relationships to your advantage. Many of our trading professionals are located with our Upstream company, and can provide a conduit for you to explore E&P business opportunities.

Experience World Class Market Presence with Personal Service at the Export Point, the Lease and on the Trading Floor.

Chevron has a proven track record in the crude oil marketing business. We purchase and market significant crude oil production volumes for a wide spectrum of producers and royalty owners. We are the sole trading partner for our Upstream and Downstream affiliates.