Ratawi crude is produced from the Wafra, South Umm Gudair and South Fuwaris fields in the Partitioned Zone situated between Kuwait and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It can be classed as a heavy, sour grade and is very similar to Eocene.

The crude is exported out of Mina Saud terminal in the Kuwait-controlled PZ. Typical cargo size is 500 thousand barrels to 1,000 barrels. Pricing is on Arab Heavy Far East basis for Far East destinations, IPE Brent (Bwave) for Mediterranean and NW Europe destinations and WTI-related for North American destinations.

Chevron holds a 50% equity portion of the combined Ratawi & Eocene production.

Ratawi is a heavy, high sulfur crude oil suitable for asphalt manufacture. Ratawi is low in nitrogen, has very low acidity, is low in asphaltenes, and is relatively low metals in the residue.